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4/5 on October 16, 2018

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Dual band router with 1.8GHz dual-core processor

AiProtection provide network security through a powerful Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Amish technology allows you to bring your entire house under a personal WiFi zone

MU-MIMO gives every device you connect to the router access to the full breadth of Wi-Fi speed instead of staggering the pace as more devices come online.

WTFast’s private network for gamers (GPN) maximizing route operation, creating the most efficient pathways for game packets.

Very low latency while playing graphics-heavy games on home networks.

Supports up to 50 devices with the very little drop in speed

There’s never a drop in signal, as the built-in AiRadar always keeps the frequencies strong and focused on your devices.


Some customers have had issues with connectivity, but this is rectified by updating the firmware and doing a hard manual reset after the router boots up.

The VPN slows down the speed of the network slightly; however, this is true of all Virtual Private Networks.

There was also some issues with a malfunctioning WAN reported. There doesn’t seem to be a satisfactory solution given for this, but on the upside, only a few customers seem to be facing this issue.

ASUS’s customer service hasn’t been great with replacing devices that have suddenly stopped working.


Finally, ASUS AC2900 is a router for the user who wants a smooth online experience without worrying about malware, phishing attacks, slow speed, or fear of losing private information. The router is for big boys and girls who just want to set it up once and forget about it while they focus on the real game.

Privacy and network stability are major concerns for most netizens. But for gamers who take their passion seriously, the importance of a heavy duty router is paramount!

ASUS AC2900 is a device that clearly caters to the gaming and technology-obsessed sector of the market. It is equipped with high-end functionalities which protect your private network while letting you monitor exactly which devices and applications are using most of your bandwidth.

This router is also backward compatible which makes creating a home network with older ASUS models a breeze for many techies.

ASUS AC2900 is a router for hardcore gamers and technology geeks who like to run private servers and a dozen high-end devices at a time.

The router gives excellent data and network protection through its AiProtection system, but Virtual Private Networks are becoming cheaper every day as their popularity grows. So, that alone is no reason to buy such an expensive router.

For dedicated gamers, this router assures low latency and high-speed internet without lag. This is very important for anyone who wants to participate in the highly competitive gaming world, where a single moment’s delay in movement can cost you a game.

The AC2900’s monitoring features are also nothing to scoff at. It helps you access your data consumption and keep track of bandwidth usage. This is ultimately indispensable for anyone who needs to operate multiple programs on several devices.